Ordinary members who shall be medical practitioners registered or provisionally registered in the Register of the Medical Council of Singapore. Such members shall have the right to participate in general meetings, to vote and to be an office bearer.

Ordinary Members Name Institution / Organisation Date Joined
A/Prof A Ilancheran 2018-02-05
Dr Chan Chi Tung, Clifford 2018-01-22
Dr Chan Chi Kiong, Clifton 2018-01-22
Dr Arumaikannu Janarthanam 2018-01-22
Dr Anne Elaine Hagarty 2018-01-22
Dr Anjula Thomas 2018-01-22
Dr Anita S Kala 2018-01-22
A/Prof A Ilancheran 2018-01-22
Dr Yeong Cheng Toh Tow Yung Clinic 2010-03-05
Dr Yeoh Swee Choo The Obstetrics & Gynaecology Practice 1993-03-05