25th SCCPS Colposcopy Course 2023 (In-person)

Start Date : 04/03/2023

End Date : 05/03/2023

Type : Local

25th SCCPS Colposcopy Course
Date: Sunday, 5 May 2023
Venue: Auditorium, Level 7, Health Promotion Board
Time: 0830 - 1630hrs
Invited Guest Speaker: Prof Woo Yin Ling, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Malaya
SCCPS_25th Colpocourse 2023: Programme

SCCPS Hands-on Colposcopy Workshop 2023
Date: Saturday, 4 May 2023
Venue: Room L2S1, Level 2, Academia
Time: 0815 - 1630hrs
SCCPS Hands-on Colposcopy Workshop 2023: Programme

4th March 2023 (Sat): 26th SCCPS Oration & Dinner
Date: Saturday, 4 May 2023
Venue: Flutes, Level 1, National Museum of Singapore
Time: 1830 - 2130hrs

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Established in 1993, the SCCPS is committed to education and training in the prevention and management of premalignancy and early malignancy of the female lower genital tact.

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